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While binge-watching the latest season of our favorite Netflix series my boyfriend got inspired. He asked why don’t we make our date night special this coming Sunday.

Well, although I didn’t know exactly what he had in mind, I thought that was a great idea. I have been YEARNING to go to the theater and see a movie,  but the COVID-19 pandemic is still going strong. Although watching a movie at the theater was something I was really hoping for, most of them are still closed. 

As for the ones that have dared to open: social distancing and the extensive health measures that these theaters follow would hamper the experience by eliminating the “staples” of going to the movies (no concessions of any kind, and really…what is a movie without buttery popcorn, boxes of candy, and a massive soda to wash it all down?!)

What Movies Are Available to Watch?!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has spread throughout the world, so many aspects of how we live our daily lives have changed. Dine-in restaurants have had to completely re-thinking their models in order to stay afloat, grocery stores have implemented arrow markers on the floor to facilitate social distancing, so how have movie theaters faired?

Not extremely well, I’m afraid. With the threat of airborne pathogens fresh in everyone’s minds, nobody wants to sit still for two hours in a room full of strangers while air (that could be carrying who KNOWS what germs) is recirculated through the air conditioning system.

Since big box office releases at the theater have been put on an indefinite hold, some movie studios had to get creative in order to find alternate streams of revenue, while others have chose to try to hang in there until theater releases are once again the norm.

At any rate, I was concerned about finding a movie to watch for date night that was neither ancient or one we had seen before. While trying to find the perfect choice, I learned that, indeed, most studios have held onto their biggest movies with the expectation of an eventual box office release.

For example, Black Widow (which was supposed to be released in August 2020) is postponed and it is rumored that it will be released in the theater near the end of the year or in mid 2021.

However, during my search for the perfect movie I found that some of the movie studios that have completed production on their new releases have released them straight to streaming companies so you can view them on their release date in the comfort of your own home.

Bingo! I found a new release that was on one of those streaming platforms and I made a note to rent it from that service on date night.

Great Entertainment Means an Awesome TV

As he begged me to reveal the name of the movie I had chosen for us to watch on date night, I took the opportunity to remind him that to make the date night more romantic and memorable (and to REALLY enhance our viewing experience of the mystery movie), we need a bigger and better TV…something 55 inches or more.

Now my boyfriend was quite perplexed. In today’s tight economy and paying the mortgage for his car and my student loan, I was pleasantly surprised when he said that purchasing a new TV was not of question.

I said why don’t we try to lease an HD TV from Master Lease. I told him about their huge discount sale going on right now and suggested we apply to lease a nice TV since although we don’t have the best credit in the world. My friend got a sofa from them and she didn’t have good credit, so it thought it was worth a shot. My man liked that idea.

He snapped up his cell phone and hopped onto the website. Even though his credit history was not great, we were eligible for a great lease on the 65 inch that neither of us had ever imagined we would be able to afford!

Immediately we selected the top of the line TV and went straight to the store and ordered it. We told them that we wanted it by Saturday and requested them to deliver it in the morning.

The Long Awaited Day Of Our Date

As soon as the TV arrived on Saturday, the technician explained to my boyfriend and I what features we had and how to use it properly and take advantage of all of its features.

He even talked me into changing the date night movie and suggested we watch “The Babysitter: Killer Queen” and chose the day Sunday for streaming and showed us how to make the payment. 

This date night is going to be fun. And I am going to keep my fingers crossed to make sure that we have the as great a time as we always had while watching in the theater.

We won’t have to wonder if we have the best seats in the house, because we have the ONLY seats in the house! It was just fantastic and all thanks to the easy approval process at Masters Lease.

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