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How I Turned My Living Room Into the Ultimate Gaming Experience

So, there I was with my good friend Justin. We were setting up for another gaming session, and he had already instructed me to set up the game system on dual mode.

Actually, this was the main reason he came over.

Now, I am sure you are wondering: if he came over to compete with me playing games, why is he categorically demanding that I set it up for two to play?

Well, it was all part of his excessive over confidence on the fact that he was ready to defeat me and earn a flawless victory. He insisted that I stood no chance whatsoever against him.

At this point, I can’t blame him or argue, because the memory of his victory six months ago is still very fresh on my mind.

The day of that victory, I paid Justin a regular visit to have some game time with him. We went over 3 straight hours and played a total of 12 football game matches.

I remember so well, as he won 10 of 12, tied 1, and lost 1.  To this day, he kept stressing that I was lucky to beat him on that one game.

Can I really blame him? I don’t think I can.

Let’s fast forward. So, on this very day in my living room, we got down to business and got to gaming.

After gaming for about 5 plus hours, we had played a total of 24 games. And the record on this occasion to Justin’s surprise was against him.

He had drawn 2, won 2 and lost 20.  Justin was completely dumbfounded.

And like Justin was on that day, I am sure you are wondering right now how I became good enough to defeat him with such outrageous margins.

Well, it’s simple!

All I did was turn my living room into an ultimate gaming zone, where I then spent a ton of time gaming and perfecting my craft.

And in this article, I will show you pretty much how I did that.

You are ready to learn right? Then follow me.


Right after my huge defeat, I immediately knew that I needed a means for gaming to become more real to me. And the first thing I had to sort out were the visual aspects of gaming.

So what did I do? I upgraded my TV to a Samsung 65″ 4K OLED Flat Screen TV.

Afterwards, I mounted the TV right up in the center of my gaming room. Doing this was a game changer in my gaming experience.

But how did gaming with a Samsung 65″ 4K OLED Flat Screen TV change things for me?

The quality of this TV was exceptional.

The fact that it was HDR (High Dynamic Range) supported and 4K resolution plus it works extremely well with the current generation consoles, such as Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

This made sure I got a taste of every visual advancement available, thereby making the gaming experience much more realistic, which made it easier for me to lose myself in my games and believe that they were real.

It made me suddenly love practicing because I started enjoying gaming much more than I used to because of the LIFE-LIKE feeling. 

I also found that I was able to game for longer stretched of time without getting as tired from staring at the screen.


Just as a very good visual set up is important in the gaming experience, so is a quality sound system.

A good visual output will give you that live feeling, but much more if your sound quality is great too. It will allow you to feel everything in a more realistic way, hence causing you to be fully involved and engrossed in the game.

Fortunately, there are a couple of sound tools to employ for the ultimate gaming experience which are more effective than the regular speaker.

And the way I made sure this was in place was getting sound bars with subwoofers and tables that are actually leather recliners.

As soon as this was done, the visual experience plus the sound buzzing from this quality sound system was something I could never get tired of.

My living room was almost set for the ultimate gaming zone. Next, I considered my physical state, as this was also very important.


It’s very important to be comfortable during a gaming experience, and one way to achieve this is a good seat that allows you to take a good care of your body.

A good seat that supports your back correctly will put you at ease and in better position to game more effectively and more comfortably, thus facilitating longer gaming sessions without the drawback of physical discomfort.

Therefor, I paid attention to my seat by getting the ones with recliners built into them. I also got some good pillows just in case I needed them.

When I was done doing all of this, gaming became so much more fun for me. And from that time until now, I can go very long hour stretches in my living room, having an awesome gaming experience without the slightest sense of tiredness.

As comfortable as I am in my gaming paradise, I still remember to keep snacks and drinks close by so that I don’t have to stop gaming to get them when I want or need them.

That is pretty much how I turned my living room into the ultimate gaming experience and turned the tables on Justin to spank him with an almost flawless victory.

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So, there you have it, with these tips, you can fearlessly pursue your gaming paradise. Go all out and start having the best gaming experience of your life!

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