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Reasons Why You Should Lease Furniture Instead of Buying

Did you just move into town?

Are you looking to set up an office for your business?

Maybe you just feel like giving a new look to your home, office, or apartment. Well, for any of those options, it is critical to remember that the look of your home or office determines people’s perception of you.

This is a reason why it’s pretty important to make the right decision on the picture you choose to paint of yourself through your home or office.

Now if you have solidified this fact in your mind, then you may be considering:  am I going to fill up the space in my apartment with great furniture or am I going to furnish and equip my office to make it portray the right message?

Once you have decided that you are not going to cut corners in order to furnish these places, you need to consider another important decision: should I lease the furniture or simply purchase it outright?

Right now, I have to state frankly, that there are different opinions to this topic and one sure thing is, everyone has his or her own reasons for their stance.

All this being said, the goal of this article is to give you a hint, a guide, or very good insight to make your final decision on what to do, as you learn of very important reasons you should actually consider leasing furniture instead of buying.

These reasons are as follows.


Whether in running a home or business, or just keeping things going, the fact is nobody does anything important now without a budget.

Budgets give you a perfect insight to judge your growth rate.(i.e whether you are making progress or hitting your target).

Hence, if you are looking to make sure you run your business properly, then one of the goals you must have is looking at maintaining a balance in cash flow.

You can’t afford to be spending more money than you are making.

If this is true, then leasing furniture for your office would be a wise decision. This is because it saves you a lot of money, as opposed to making a very large,  one time investment.

Think about it, if it’s for the home for example, you need cash to sort out daily issues, and dishing out a huge sum in one go for furnishings can dent your daily comfort for a long period of time.

This is the reason you set up a budget in the first place, right? To make life easier for you.

So, if you then go out to spend extravagantly (because quality furniture can be really expensive) on furniture, it would completely contradict your decision to construct a budget in the first place.

Still keeping budget in my, if you are someone in business, the best decision you can make for your brand is pumping money into expanding your brand.

This is a huge investment because it will produce greater returns for your business.

With this in mind, leasing will give you that opportunity to invest in the growth of your business, as all you will have to be bothered about is just monthly payment.

If you were to purchase the furniture in one lump sum, It would substantially cut into your cash on hand, and if you finance it over time, you lose a great deal of money paying for the interest.



When you consider that quality furniture is very expensive to buy in one go, you will quickly realize that leasing furniture will be a great decision.

This is because leasing companies work in such a way that is friendly to your pocket, as they will usually give you many options to get the quality of furniture you want, at an agreed upon rate (like a monthly payment) which you can easily incorporate into your regular budget. That is getting a lot for a little,  and at your convenience.


You have probably been in that situation, where you went out to buy an item and got it. Now, this is not really the exact item you had in mind to buy, but you bought it anyways, maybe due to the persuasive ability of the salesman or some other reason.

However, once you get it home, maybe after a few days or weeks, you come to realize that you don’t actually like the item that you purchased one bit.

Also, to make the issue worse, there is no option to return it…at this point, you are stuck with the product.

Now, you can either choose to use the item, even though you are displeased, or you can allow the money spent on it to waste, by just dumping it somewhere (a lot of people do this) or selling it for much less that you bought it for, thus taking a loss. 

Then you have to replace the item that you just tossed or sold at a discounted rate, and you’ll once again be paying full price. Truth be told, this is a sad experience for anybody.

But you see, in the case of leasing furniture, there is no possibility of this happening. It’s simple, the moment your taste for the furniture changes and you start experiencing a displeasure for your once loved furniture, you simply go to the store from whom you leased it and ask to renegotiate the terms of the lease as you would like to upgrade to different furniture.

The peace of mind to know that you can easily return is something really amazing.

What about a scenario where you suddenly fall in love with the furniture you leased and decide that you MUST own it?

Well, a lot of leasing companies give you an extra option to own after leasing. That’s another advantage to leasing rather than buying.


On the issue of ownership, it’s actually quite simple. If you buy furniture outright and pay for it all at once, it invariably means that you should also be ready to spend on any other kind of expenses that may result in properly maintaining that furniture.

This is basically how ownership works. It makes you completely responsible for all of your assets.

But when you make the decision to lease instead, it removes the weight of responsibility for the total outcome of your furniture. Some of the responsibilities can include maintenance, insurance, etc.

The fact is, as long as it’s not yet completely yours, then you cannot be handling the entire responsibility of keeping the furniture up and running.


All things considered, if you weigh all the pros and cons of leasing versus buying furniture, you will see that leasing is the best option for the majority of people looking to acquire new furniture. 

If you have unlimited funds, then purchasing furniture outright or financing it over time and paying off the interest won’t affect your bottom line all that much.  However, the majority of us operate on a budget and have to carefully consider each purchase that we make, furniture being no exception.

Leasing the furniture gives us the opportunity to have beautiful, new furniture without breaking the bank, and at the end of the term we have the option to purchase the furniture.  We win both ways by leasing!

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