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The Craziest Things People Will Lease But Never Pay To Own

The thing is, we have different people with different ideas, different opinions, and invariably different reasons why they do what they do.

For example: While a certain Miss Roseline can make her choices and take decisions based on her love for comfort and vitality, another person may have his or her decisions regularly influenced by a tendency to choose being economical at the expense of comfort.

Well, in this article, we will look at some very crazy things people would rather lease for a time but not pay to own forever.

These things range from things related to funeral, wedding, places, people, etc. Anyways, what influences their decisions is not really our concern here.

The craziest things people will lease but never pay to own and I am telling you, some you will not believe:

Hotel room

Did you just get into a new town and you are looking for a perfect place to spend the night or maybe even a couple of days?

Then am sure your best bet is to get a hotel room in that town. True, but the fact is, not just you but no other person ever goes forward to pay for the room and make it a personal property. So that is the first on our list.

Church Building

Now I guess you are wondering who ever goes to lease the building of a church gathering. Well, I will tell you. Just like me, am sure you have watched a couple of movies that portrayed a church service going on.

Yeah, sure you have, and I also believe you do not think that the shown building was bought right?

Funny maybe, but there you go, a church building is one of the things people lease not just for movie shooting but even seminars and other things, and guess what?People will never pay to own it.

Sports Stadium

This I think is obvious. Just anywhere and everywhere, when the goal is to get a crowd of people gathered, and of course for different reasons, could be for a church program, a huge ceremony, a political campaign, or a concert, etc., the best open space to take for lease is a Sports Stadium.

We see this quite often because you can hardly find a single hall that can entertain a crowd of up to twenty thousand and above. To solve this problem, surely a sports stadium is taken on lease.

Just as this is a plain fact, it is also true that people will never pay to own a stadium.

There are still a lot of crazy things we can look at as far as places to rent, but let us look at other areas, such as Funerals and Weddings. Follow me, will you?

Professional Funeral Mourners

I am guessing that you are surprised at this. But the fact is, just like in Bible days were there was a record of paid mourners.

Likewise in this modern age, there are professional mourners that people lease to show up for funerals, especially when the family of the deceased loved one wants to have a big funeral ceremony.

Just in case you are doubting, you can check out in United Kingdom a company “Rent a Mourner Service” which is based in Essex.

Now this funeral related is one of the things people will lease but will never pay to own. And the simple reason is because, the mourners are humans, and even if they weren’t, funeral ceremonies doesn’t last forever.

Wedding Arch and Trellises

The fact is, not everyone loves too many crowd in the wedding ceremony, hence in the situation where the couple are looking at a “Do It Yourself” order of wedding event arrangements, one of the things they set in place is a Wedding Arch and Trellises. And people will never pay to own it but will instead just get it at lease.


There you have it; the craziest things people will lease but will never pay to own. Like I made mention earlier, you cannot really pinpoint the exact reasons that influence people’s decisions, but whatever it is, you must learn to respect other people’s opinions.

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