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Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo: Which Suits Your Family Best?

When it comes to choosing a good gaming console for your home, it can be difficult.

Well, there is Nintendo, the leading pack on native 4K from Microsoft, then Sony, who has a huge library of games, and Xbox is filled with amazing graphics; competition is tough.

Each console brings their own strengths to the gaming world.

Taking Gaming To Next Level

Till 2017, you might only see two major home consoles dominating the market – Xbox One and PS4. At that time, the Nintendo Wii U was the ugly duckling among the masses, and was struggling to gain any kind of major traction.

But the shocker came when the Japanese company turned this ugly duckling into a beautiful and gorgeous swan with their latest and new console Nintendo Switch, which is considered to be a hybrid among portable gaming machines and home consoles.

And shockingly, it went on to sell millions of units within days of its launch.

Now the question you might ponder is which, among these three awesome gaming consoles, would you like to present to your kid or enlighten the kid hidden in you.

Let’s check out the options.

Hardware Plays A Great Role

The gaming console’s hardware can play a major role in its selection. The processor that is utilized in these gaming consoles should not just provide a great gaming experience.

The computing power shouldn’t get on your nerves whenever you are playing your favorite games.

Regarding the hardware, Nintendo Switch has a different approach compared to its two rivals. The modified Nvidia Tegra X1 platform of the Nintendo is an ARM-based mobile device processor.

This is similar to high-end tablets and phones. But the Xbox and PlayStation go for a more conventional kind of computer power.

In the Nintendo Switch, you would be surprised to see that the games can run in the 1080p 60 fps, especially when they are in the docked mode and connected to the TV.

Commonly both the PS4 and Xbox One games run on the 1080p and some even achieve the 60fps.

Gaming Experience To The Maximum

Of course, as a gamer, you would have to be crazy if graphics and gaming experience aren’t part of your consideration. The gaming experience provided by these three awesome consoles is top-notch.

However, there is a huge deal in terms of the overlap among the PS4 and Xbox One, but that is not the case with the Nintendo Switch.

Do you know Xbox is filled with great and attractive franchises? They are great with gameplay filled games like Forza, Gears of War, Halo, etc.

But you can’t just assume that Xbox is a great favorite for games that involve shooting and driving.

The biggest advantage of the Xbox One compared to its rivals is its backward compatibility with the previous consoles of Microsoft like the Xbox 360.

You can easily say that it is in a better state compared to the Nintendo Switch and PS4. But you can’t play all the 360 games of Microsoft have made.

When it comes to PS4, you might not find fantastic exclusives of its own. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t provide an awesome gaming experience.

It goes great on an uncharted franchises, like The Last of Us, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Bloodborne where the gaming experience is fantastic and completely unique according to the player.

The performance it brings about in third person adventure and titles are rather outstanding. However, you might have a strange feeling while playing racing games.

Seriously, the Sony experience becomes a deal-breaker when it involves such hardcore action like that required to run racing games.

Now as clearly stated with the Nintendo, it has an extremely flexible feature that makes it a great console to play. Here the ability of the Switch to convert the home console into the portable gaming machine within a snap is something that would make most people favor it right out of the gate.

Transitioning from one style of gaming into another takes only seconds and you can continue playing right from where you left off. This feature is quite handy for situations when people have to stop playing on the TV when their parents or roommates want to watch or play something else.

Storage And Disc Drive For Perfect Gaming

The PS4 and Xbox have physical disc drives, where the Xbox One can easily play the 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays.

This is somewhat odd to see considering that Sony was the founding member of the Blu-ray Disc Association, yet decided against adding the 4K Blu-ray deck to its latest gaming console.

But they can still play the conventional 1080p Blu-rays, just not the Ultra HD discs.

Sadly, the Nintendo Switch can’t do any of these things. The Japanese firm simply decided to avoid discs totally. The gaming console is firmly dependent on a cartridge system similar to the Nintendo consoles of long gone days and the Nintendo 3DS.

Final Verdict

When it comes to buying, it all comes down to what your preferences are.

You might want to take into consideration what kind of games you are going to play and the kind of gaming experience that you are on the lookout for.

At times, the whole decision might hinge on the price, or the gaming effect and graphics that you want to enjoy in your free time.

If price is your major concern, then I have a great solution for you. Let price be the last thing to bother you, as online stores, like Master Lease, are providing great discounts for these primary gaming consoles to be leased. 

So not only will you get a great deal, but if you decide that the console you chose to lease isn’t the right fit for you, then you can simply lease a different one when your original lease is up.  

Considering that you can afford whichever console your heart desires, it really comes down to what kind of games you are going to play and which graphics you prefer!

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